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In-Shop Service and Hardware Installation Prices

You may take a 50 percent discount off our hardware insallation prices when you purchase your hardware from us. Prices based on best case scenario and may vary according to work involved. Subject to change without notice.

Diagnose problem, no repairs (minimum fee) $49.95   Spyware, Virus and hijacker removal (starts at) $74.95
Password removal/reset (starts at) $49.95   Format hard drive (wipe clean) $49.95
Insurance Evaluation and Report $59.95   Test Power Supply $19.95
Transfer Harddrive   $79.95   Internal Battery Replacement $59.95
Program installation/removal (each) $19.95   Printer drivers installation and setup $39.95
Operating System Upgrade $79.95   Operating System Installation $89.95
Antivirus software installation (your software) $19.95   Test A Single Component $39.95
Custom computer Assembly(you provide parts) $129.95   BIOS Update with OS Update $89.95
Motherboard $89.95    Power Supply $59.95
Sound Card $39.95    Video Card (includes drivers Windows setup) $59.95
Memory (per stick) $29.95    Hard Drive $49.95
Laptop Power Jack Installation (starts at) $79.95   Fan (case or CPU) $59.95
Laptop Keyboard Installation $49.95   I/O Card (serial, parallel, bluetooth, USB, etc.) $39.95
Optical Drive Installation (CD, DVD) $39.95   Laptop Screen Replacement starts at $69.95

Updated January 2018