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Not A Big Box.

Do you really want the to get your computer repaired at the same place you bought your last washing machine?


Computer Repair Services

Are you so frustrated with your computer you’ve considered tossing it out the window? Is it so slow you can barely use it? Are you having trouble getting to your favorite website ... or Facebook? Are you even tempted to take it to one of those Big Box Stores for service? Think again!

Do you really want the place that sells you washing machines and flat screen TVs working on your computer? Why take it to a Geek when our real computer guys will make it all better at a price you can afford.

We’re the opposite of a Big Box Store. We’re the little store on Washington Road and although we have our own squad of computer experts, we don’t really call them geeks (at least to their faces). They’re just regular guys ... friendly, competent, skilled computer technicians with the know-how to repair or clean up your computer at a reasonable price and get you back on the internet fast.

And although we’re not keeping score, given the fact we’re celebrating our 30th anniversary next year, it's a pretty good bet we’ve sold and repaired more computers than any other company in Augusta ... and we have thousands of satisfied customers to prove it.

Any Brand.
Any Problem.